How Can I Achieve a Celebrity Smile?

Our Smile Stylist Considers These 3 Things

Do you ever wish you could bare your teeth with the confidence and poise of a famous celebrity?

The truth is, anyone can light up a room and turn heads with an attractive smile. A perfect smile truly emanates confidence and success (it’s been proven time and time again)! But with that said, there are certain components that all beautiful smiles have in common.

Let’s talk about the three top components that determine how attractive a smile is:

  1. Tooth Positioning
    Balance is a key component of a beautiful smile… that, and symmetry. The positioning of your teeth have a lot to do with how attractive your smile is to others. Are your teeth straight, or crooked? Is the midline (where your two front teeth meet) in alignment with the center of your face, or is it off-center? Are there any spaces or gaps between your teeth, or are any of your teeth crowded or overlapping one another? Our cosmetic dentist in Toronto stresses that, if the positioning of your teeth are anything less than ideal, this can be keeping you from achieving smile perfection.
  2. Gums
    When you smile, how much of your gums show? A person can be considered to have a “gummy smile” when there is a noticeable amount of gum tissue that shows above the top teeth when they smile (typically anything over 3mm of gum).

    Celebrities with gummy smiles include:
    Nicole Kidman
    Gwen Stefani
    Jon Heder

    Celebrity With Gumy Smile
    It’s also important to ensure that your gums are healthy, because this will show in your smile. Healthy gums appear pink in colour (not red) and are often lightly stippled in texture. If your gums are in an unhealthy state, your gums will show this. Gums that are receded or that have pulled away from the teeth also contribute to an unsightly appearance – so if you’ve experienced this oral issue, a gum grafting procedure will help to restore the appearance and health of your gums.
  3. Shade/Colour
    What is it that’s so attractive about a bright, white smile? Well, white teeth indicate great health and oral hygiene. A smile that is dull, yellow or non-uniform in colour can appear rather unpleasing to the eye. The teeth should appear consistent in shade, and should be white and vibrant to reveal optimal health and attractiveness.

    Well, there you have it! These are the most important aspects of a perfect smile. How does your smile measure up in all three categories?

    If you’re ready to dramatically transform your teeth into the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of… Dr. Kaloti is your guy! Contact our Smile Stylist today to schedule a consultation.
Allison Brie
Zac Efron